Taranaki Cricket is proud to announce that Debu Banik has been reappointed as the head coach for the Revital Fertilisers Men's team.
Debu will be going into his 16th season in Taranaki after first coming out as an overseas player for Inglewood, this season will see his 6th season in charge of Revital Fertilisers Taranaki and he will be looking for the team to defend the Furlong Cup this season.

Revital Fertilisers Taranaki will kick off their campaign on November 10th and 11th 2018.


FURLONG CUP – ZONE 2  2018 / 2019


Round 1- November 10 / 11

                       Hawke’s Bay         v     Whanganui                   in Napier

                              Taranaki         v      Manawatu                    in New Plymouth

                           Wairarapa         v      Horowhenua-Kapiti      in Masterton                   


Round 2December 1 / 2

                       Hawke’s Bay         v      Horowhenua-Kapiti     in Napier

                            Wairarapa        v      Taranaki                       in Masterton  

                          Whanganui        v      Manawatu                    in Whanganui


Round 3 -   January 12 / 13

             Horowhenua-Kapiti         v     Whanganui                   in Levin

                            Manawatu        v      Wairarapa                    in Palmerston North

                               Taranaki        v     Hawke’s Bay                 in New Plymouth  


Round 4 – January 26 / 27

                       Hawke’s Bay         v      Wairarapa                    in Napier 

             Horowhenua-Kapiti         v      Manawatu                    in Levin

                             Taranaki          v      Whanganui                  in New Plymouth


Round 5 – February 16 / 17

            Horowhenua-Kapiti          v       Taranaki                      in Levin

                          Manawatu          v       Hawke’s Bay               in Palmerston North

                        Whanganui          v      Wairarapa                     in Whanganui



Zone 2 Challenge – 1, 2, 3 March 2019.