Map of

Auroa School

Map of Auroa School

Auroa CC

Banbury Cricket Club Ground.

Map of Banbury Cricket Club Ground.

Bayly Park Hawera

Map of Bayly Park Hawera

Camberwell Road, Hawera

Bell Block Primary

Map of Bell Block Primary

Bromley CC

Map of Bromley CC

Bromley CC

Central School

Map of Central School

Coastal Taranaki School

Map of Coastal Taranaki School

Corbett Park

Map of Corbett Park

Devon Intermediate

Map of Devon Intermediate

Donnelly Park

Map of Donnelly Park


Map of FDMC

Tukapa St, New Plymouth

Finchampstead Cricket Club.

Map of Finchampstead Cricket Club.


Fitzroy Primary

Map of Fitzroy Primary

Frankley Primary

Map of Frankley Primary

Harrow Town CC

Map of Harrow Town CC

Rayners Lane

Hawera Intermediate

Map of Hawera Intermediate

Hawera hub

Map of Hawera hub

Hickford Park

Map of Hickford Park

Highlands Intermediate

Map of Highlands Intermediate

Inglewood High School

Map of Inglewood High School

Rata St, Inglewood

Inglewood Primary

Map of Inglewood Primary

Kaponga School

Map of Kaponga School

Karo Park

Map of Karo Park

Karo St, Inglewood

King Edward Park Stratford

Map of King Edward Park Stratford

Stratford Artificial

Knebworth Park

Map of Knebworth Park

Lynmouth Park

Map of Lynmouth Park


Manaia CC

Map of Manaia CC

Manawaroa Park

Map of Manawaroa Park

Manawaroa Park, Palmerston North

Mangorei CC

Map of Mangorei CC

Mangorei Primary

Map of Mangorei Primary

Cannot fit SP1 & Kiwi at the same time

Manukorihi Park

Map of Manukorihi Park

Merrilands Primary

Map of Merrilands Primary

1 Game on artificial, or 2 Kiwi if both played on grass.

Midhirst CC

Map of Midhirst CC

NPBHS Top Field

Map of NPBHS Top Field

NPBHS Ground


Map of NPGHS

Mangorie Rd, New Plymouth

Oakura Primary

Map of Oakura Primary

Omata Primary

Map of Omata Primary

Ongley Park

Map of Ongley Park

Ongley Park, Park Road, Palmerston North

Opunake High School

Map of Opunake High School

Otorohanga Domain

Map of Otorohanga Domain

Parvis Road Ground

Map of Parvis Road Ground

Patea Sports Ground

Map of Patea Sports Ground

Peringa Park

Map of Peringa Park


Map of Pihama

Pihama CC

Pukekura Park, New Plymouth.

Map of Pukekura Park, New Plymouth.

Home of Taranaki Cricket

Pukekura park

Map of Pukekura park


Queen Elizabeth Park, Masterton.

Map of Queen Elizabeth Park, Masterton.

Wairarapa Cricket HQ

Queen's Park, Chesterfield.

Map of Queen's Park, Chesterfield.


Map of Racecourse

Rogan St, New Plymouth

Sacred Heart NP

Map of Sacred Heart NP

Sanders Park

Map of Sanders Park

Home ground of Tukapa,

Woodleigh Prems play there as their artificial pitch

Shenley Village

Map of Shenley Village

Spotswood Primary

Map of Spotswood Primary

Springvale Park

Map of Springvale Park


St John Bosco

Map of St John Bosco

St Josephs New Plymouth

Map of St Josephs New Plymouth

New Plymouth Marist United

St Josephs School

Map of St Josephs School

St Pauls Collegiate

Map of St Pauls Collegiate

St Pauls Collegiate School

Map of St Pauls Collegiate School

St Pius Primary

Map of St Pius Primary

Stratford High School

Map of Stratford High School

Swansea Road, Stratford

Stratford Primary School

Map of Stratford Primary School

Sutherland Park

Map of Sutherland Park


Sutton CC Ground

Map of Sutton CC Ground

TSB Hub Hawera

Map of TSB Hub Hawera

Tasman Tanning Park (Vic Park)

Map of Tasman Tanning Park (Vic Park)

Victoria Park Wanganui

Te Mete Park

Map of Te Mete Park

The Sir Edward Stern Sports Ground

Map of The Sir Edward Stern Sports Ground

The TSB Hub

Map of The TSB Hub

Camberwell Road,


Tikorangi CC

Map of Tikorangi CC

Tikorangi School

Map of Tikorangi School

Totteridge Millhillians

Map of Totteridge Millhillians

Totteridge Green, N20 8PB


Map of Turuturu

Pitch 1

Victoria Park

Map of Victoria Park

Victoria Park - Stratford CC

Map of Victoria Park - Stratford CC

Victoria Park - Wanganui

Map of Victoria Park - Wanganui

Vogeltown Park

Map of Vogeltown Park

Home of Old Boys CC

Vogeltown Primary

Map of Vogeltown Primary

Waitara High School

Map of Waitara High School

Princess St, Waitara

Wanganui Collegiate

Map of Wanganui Collegiate


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Map of Warnford

Webster Field

Map of Webster Field

NPBHS artificial

Welbourn School

Map of Welbourn School

Weraroa Domain

Map of Weraroa Domain

West End Primary

Map of West End Primary

Cannot play hardball and Kiwi together

Western Park

Map of Western Park


Woodleigh School

Map of Woodleigh School

Worth School

Map of Worth School

1st XI Ground