8 May 2018




TCA’s submission concerns the long term plan for the cricket ground at Pukekura Park.  In our submission a new sports pavillion should be built at the ground in time for the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup which is being hosted in New Zealand in 2021.


Pukekura Park has long been the home of Taranaki Cricket Association (TCA) and over recent years it has become the favoured home ground of the Central Stags with many 1st class matches & finals being played there.  Not only do these games attract good crowd numbers there are typically one or two televised games per season.  Television coverage invariably shows New Plymouth and in particular Pukekura Park in a fantastic light.  There has never been a game when commentators have not raved about our wonderful park!  The value of radio, social and other media coverage of games must also not be underestimated.


Pukekura Park is an iconic ground which has hosted Women’s International games involving the NZ White Ferns on a number of occasions including as recently as 20 March 2018.  The ground received positive reviews from that match although there were negative comments on the small size of the changing sheds and lack of proper accommodation for players and officials to view the game.


TCA sees Pukekura Park as an ideal ground for women’s international cricket.   The ICC Women’s World Cup in 2021 presents a fantastic opportunity for TCA  and NPDC to bring the worlds best to our amazing province. 


In order to maintain the current level of first class and international cricket played at Pukekura Park ongoing maintenance and development of facilities are required.  TCA has already applied for funding to improve certain facilities to a New Zealand Cricket standard.  TCA has also committed $20,000 of its own reserves to these improvements which include:


  • Extension of the block to include 4 more practice pitches – 2 either side
  • Extension of the sight screens
  • Inclusion of an electronic scoreboard permanently at the ground

However the major stumbling block is the Bellringer Pavilion.  It is now completely inadequate for high level cricket.  In particular the pavilion:

  • has changing sheds which are significantly too small to meet NZ Cricket warrant of fitness standards,
  • has no facility for players, media, scorers and officials to properly view the game,
  • is badly located,
  • poses security risks for players moving between the pavilion and the field,
  • has no lift and therefore does not adequately cater for disabled users,
  • has inadequate changing facilities for umpires,
  • has no corporate box hospitality facilities.

It is understood that NPDC are planning to enlarge the changing rooms in the existing pavilion.  In our submission this merely puts a bandaid on the problem.  TCA submits that NPDC need to build a new pavilion.  Otherwise it is investing significant funds to renovate a building which is not fit for purpose.


TCA are aware of the need for a Pukekura Park Information Centre.  Such a centre could be incorporated into the new pavilion or alternatively the existing pavilion could be used as an Information Centre.  The new pavilion would also continue to be available for significant use by the wider community groups which use the current pavilion.


TCA notes that, prior to the 2015-2025 ten year plan, provision was included in ten year plans for the building of a new pavilion.  This provision was inexplicably dropped from the 2015-2025 plan and now needs to be acted on.  TCA also notes that significant reserves associated with the depreciation of the existing pavilion will be available to contribute to the funding of a new pavilion.


TCA submits that the NPDC must act now to ensure a new pavilion is designed and built in time for the Women’s World Cup.  The need for a modern and fit for purpose facility is compelling. 


Russell Wilson


Taranaki Cricket Association Inc